Everyday Heroes: April 2017 - September 2017 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Erika Flores - Senior Office Technician, South Gate High School - Clerical 

Angelica Arreola-Razo - Special Education Assistant, Hale Charter Academy - Paraprofessional 

Alexa Guzman - Student and Family Resource Navigator, Hazeltine Elementary - Technical/Professional 

Ling Lee - Asst. Contract Admin Analyst, Facilities - Technical/Professional 

Melissa Franklin - Senior Marketing Representative - Office of Educational Services - Supervisory/Managerial


Everyday Heroes: October 2016 - March 2017 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Daniel Epping - Plant Manager, Nestle Avenue Charter Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial
Lisa Hess - Food Services Staff Aid, Food Services Division Central Office - Food Services
Ronald Marshall - Heavy Bus Driver, Transportation Division - Transportation
Linda Portillo - Office Technician, San Pedro High School - Clerical
Ivonne Rubio - Special Education Assistant, Independence High School - Paraprofessional
Shirley Szabo - Senior Secretary,  Student Discipline and Expulsion Support Unit - Clerical


Everyday Heroes: May 2016 - September 2016 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Margarita Benavidez - Plant Manager II, Ford Boulevard Elementary School - Supervisory-Managerial

Laura Kissick - Campus Aide, Dixie Canyon Charter Elementary - Paraprofessional

Natalia Lupian - Medical Assistant, Central PTA 10th District - Technical-Professional

Yolanda Munoz - Secretary, Gifted/Talented Programs - Clerical 

Michiel Usher - Senior Secretary, Arts Education Branch- Technical-Professional


Everyday Heroes: November 2015- April 2016 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Shirley Callangan - Deputy Director Payroll Administration, Payroll Administration – Supervisory-Managerial

Stacey Ellis - Administrative Services Manager, Information Technology Division ITD – Supervisory-Managerial 

King Lai - Associate Computer Applications Specialist, Material Management Branch–Technical-Professional 

Angela Sanders - Heavy Bus Driver, Gardena Bus lot –Transportation


Everyday Heroes: April 2015 - October 2015 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Susan Cummings – Library Aide, Encino Charter Elementary - Paraprofessional

Evelyn Guevara – Office Technician, Russell Elementary School - Clerical 

Roberto Icaza – Microcomputer Support Assistant, Mt. Gleason Middle School - Technical/Professional

Edgar Rodriguez – Plant Manager, Amanecer Primary Center - Supervisory/Managerial

Sheri Wiley -  Special Education Assistant, Reseda High School – Paraprofessional


Everyday Heroes: November 2014 - March 2015 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Donald Brooks- Buildings & Grounds Worker, One Hundred Twelfth Street Elementary - Facilities

Jasmin Malinao- Project Manager Administrator, School Operations - Supervisory/Managerial

Alona Adani Murillo- Special Education Assistant, Bassett Street Elementary School - Paraprofessional 

Karla Orantes- School Administrative Assistant, School for the Visual Arts and Humanities RFK -Supervisory/Managerial

Maria Perez- Office Technician, Berendo Middle School - Clerical

Donella Wilson- Buildings & Grounds Worker, Verdugo Hills High School - Facilities


Everyday Heroes: May - October 2014 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Sharon Broadbent - Continuation School Office Manager, Angel's Gate High School - Clerical

Pedro GarciaLight Truck Driver, Truck Operations, Procurement Center - Transportation

Dee Dee MartinezOffice Technician, Lanterman High School - Clerical

Lori NavaSpecial Education Assistant, Special Education Service Center West Behavior Unit- Paraprofessional

Pamela Piocos ValenzuelaSupervising Special Education Assistant, Lanterman High School- Supervisory/Managerial


Everyday Heroes: January - April 2014 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Esperanza Cornejo - Office Technician, Venice High School - Clerical

Reginald Duncan - Building and Grounds Worker, Roybal Learning Center - Facilities

Oralia Jimenez - School Administrative Assistant, Teacher Prep Academy - Supervisory/Managerial

Diane Schweitzer - Student and Family Resource Navigator, Gardena High School Healthy Start Clinic - Technical/Professional

Corey Wilson - Campus Aide, Roybal Learning Center - Paraprofessional

May Wu - Program Analyst - Technical/Professional


Everyday Heroes: September - December 2013 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Deborah Childs – School Administrative Assistant, Dorsey High School - Supervisory/Managerial

Maricela De Reza-Fernandez - School Administrative Assistant, Harbor City Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial

Gabriela Martinez – Office Technician, Carlos Santana Arts Academy – Clerical

Kristine Nasta - Special Education Assistant, Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies – Paraprofessional

Cesar Solis – Special Education Assistant, Leichman High School Special Education Center - Paraprofessional



Everyday Heroes: May - August 2013 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Magda Bersley – Senior Food Service Worker, Narbonne High School - Nutrition/Food Services

Linda Davis - School Administrative Assistant, Gardena High School - Supervisory/Managerial

Samuel Gonzalez – Administrative Analyst, Benefits Administration - Technical/Professional

Joe Nino - Plant Manager I, ESC East - Supervisory/Managerial

Silvia Perez – Special Education Assistant, John Marshall High School – Paraprofessional

Tanesha Blair – Senior Office Technician, Compliance, Support, and Monitoring; Special Ed. Division - Clerical



Everyday Heroes: January - April 2013 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Rebecca Armenta - Special Education Trainee, Leichman Special Education Center - Paraprofessional

Philip Chang-Chien - Web Architect, ITD Enterprise Applications - Technical/Professional

Alphonse Duncan - Building & Grounds Worker, Westminster Avenue - Facilities

Linda Georgia - Food Service Worker, Leapwood Elementary School - Nutrition/Food Services

Sandra Jones-Seck - Senior Office Technician, Mental Health Services - Clerical

Eduardo Ulloa - Plant Manager III, Roybal Learning Center - Supervisory/Managerial



Everyday Heroes: May - December 2012 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Ana Cartagena - Special Education Assistant, Harbor City Elementary School - Paraprofessional

Marcella Hauffen - Senior Classified Training Representative, Workforce Management Classified Training - Technical/Professional

Thomas Keefe - Facilities Project Manager II, M&O/Facilities - Supervisory/Managerial

Guadalupe Martinez - Office Technician, Langdon Avenue Elementary School - Clerical

Daniel Munoz - School Administrative Assistant, Linda Marquez High School - Supervisory/Managerial

Arlene Munson - Office Technician, Kentwood Elementary School - Clerical

Monique Saldate - Transportation Router, Transportation Services Division - CRC - Transportation



Everyday Heroes: January  - April 2012 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Mona Spicer - Office Technician, Westport Heights Elementary - Clerical

Monique Haley-Ware - Special Education Assistant, Miller Career and Transition Center - Paraprofessional

Elisa Gonzalez - School Administrative Assistant, Shenandoah Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial

Diane Caperon (Exemplary LAUSD Classified Employee of the Year May 2013) - School Administrative Assistant, Lizarraga Elementary School – Supervisory/Managerial

Hector Arteaga - Info. Systems Support Assistant, Federal and State Education Programs – Technical/Professional



Everyday Heroes: September - December 2011 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Edward Goldbeck - Special Education Assistant, Columbus Middle School – Paraprofessional

Isabel Herrera - Selection Technician, Talent Acquisition and Selection, Personnel Commission - Clerical

Maria Elena Santos - Building and Grounds Worker, Ranchito Elementary School – Facilities

Ray White - Heavy Bus Driver, Transportation Services – Transportation

Martha Morinaka - Senior Classified Training Representative, Workforce Management Classified Training, Personnel Commission – Technical/Professional

Esther Guerra - Satellite Food Service Manager, Micheltorena Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial



Everyday Heroes: May - August 2011 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Rosalba Romero - Campus Aide, Belmont High School – Paraprofessional

Vicky Maria De Leon - Office Technician, Grant Elementary School - Clerical

Oscar Gomez - Painter, M&O Area S-1 – Facilities

Stephanie Dominguez - Light Bus Driver, Transportation Services – Transportation

Maria Ontiveros - Senior Food Services Worker, Belmont High School – Nutrition

Gary Nakano - Financial Analyst, Adult & Career Education – Technical/Professional

Gregory Lewis - Plumbing Technical Supervisor, M&O C-3 - Supervisory/Managerial