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Congratulations to our 2018 Classified School Employee of the Year Finalists for LA County

Juan Amezcua
Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities


Dawn Soto

Child Nutrition

Our 2018 CSEY Finalists are in consideration for  Classified School Employee of the Year by the
California Department of Education.

Congratulations to our Everyday Heroes!

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Everyday Heroes: April 2017 - September 2017 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Erika Flores - Senior Office Technician, South Gate High School - Clerical 

Angelica Arreola-Razo

Special Education Assistant, Hale Charter Academy - Paraprofessional 

Alexa Guzman

Student and Family Resource Navigator, Hazeltine Elementary - Technical/Professional 

Ling Lee
- Asst. Contract Admin Analyst, Facilities - Technical/Professional 

Melissa Franklin - Senior Marketing Representative - Office of Educational Services - Supervisory/Managerial


Everyday Heroes: October 2016 - March 2017 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Daniel Epping - Plant Manager, Nestle Avenue Charter Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial
Lisa Hess - Food Services Staff Aid, Food Services Division Central Office - Food Services
Ronald Marshall - Heavy Bus Driver, Transportation Division - Transportation
Linda Portillo - Office Technician, San Pedro High School - Clerical
Ivonne Rubio - Special Education Assistant, Independence High School - Paraprofessional
Shirley Szabo - Senior Secretary,  Student Discipline and Expulsion Support Unit - Clerical


Everyday Heroes: May 2016 - September 2016 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Margarita Benavidez - Plant Manager II, Ford Boulevard Elementary School - Supervisory-Managerial

Laura Kissick - Campus Aide, Dixie Canyon Charter Elementary - Paraprofessional

Natalia Lupian - Medical Assistant, Central PTA 10th District - Technical-Professional

Yolanda Munoz - Secretary, Gifted/Talented Programs - Clerical 

Michiel Usher - Senior Secretary, Arts Education Branch- Technical-Professional


Everyday Heroes: November 2015- April 2016 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Shirley Callangan - Deputy Director Payroll Administration, Payroll Administration – Supervisory-Managerial

Stacey Ellis - Administrative Services Manager, Information Technology Division ITD – Supervisory-Managerial 

King Lai - Associate Computer Applications Specialist, Material Management Branch–Technical-Professional 

Angela Sanders - Heavy Bus Driver, Gardena Bus lot –Transportation


Everyday Heroes: April 2015 - October 2015 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Susan Cummings – Library Aide, Encino Charter Elementary - Paraprofessional

Evelyn Guevara – Office Technician, Russell Elementary School - Clerical 

Roberto Icaza – Microcomputer Support Assistant, Mt. Gleason Middle School - Technical/Professional

Edgar Rodriguez – Plant Manager, Amanecer Primary Center - Supervisory/Managerial

Sheri Wiley -  Special Education Assistant, Reseda High School – Paraprofessional


Everyday Heroes: November 2014 - March 2015 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Donald Brooks- Buildings & Grounds Worker, One Hundred Twelfth Street Elementary - Facilities

Jasmin Malinao- Project Manager Administrator, School Operations - Supervisory/Managerial

Alona Adani Murillo- Special Education Assistant, Bassett Street Elementary School - Paraprofessional 

Karla Orantes- School Administrative Assistant, School for the Visual Arts and Humanities RFK -Supervisory/Managerial

Maria Perez- Office Technician, Berendo Middle School - Clerical

Donella Wilson- Buildings & Grounds Worker, Verdugo Hills High School - Facilities


Everyday Heroes: May - October 2014 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Sharon Broadbent - Continuation School Office Manager, Angel's Gate High School - Clerical

Pedro GarciaLight Truck Driver, Truck Operations, Procurement Center - Transportation

Dee Dee MartinezOffice Technician, Lanterman High School - Clerical

Lori NavaSpecial Education Assistant, Special Education Service Center West Behavior Unit- Paraprofessional

Pamela Piocos ValenzuelaSupervising Special Education Assistant, Lanterman High School- Supervisory/Managerial


Everyday Heroes: January - April 2014 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Esperanza Cornejo - Office Technician, Venice High School - Clerical

Reginald Duncan - Building and Grounds Worker, Roybal Learning Center - Facilities

Oralia Jimenez - School Administrative Assistant, Teacher Prep Academy - Supervisory/Managerial

Diane Schweitzer - Student and Family Resource Navigator, Gardena High School Healthy Start Clinic - Technical/Professional

Corey Wilson - Campus Aide, Roybal Learning Center - Paraprofessional

May Wu - Program Analyst - Technical/Professional


Everyday Heroes: September - December 2013 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Deborah Childs – School Administrative Assistant, Dorsey High School - Supervisory/Managerial

Maricela De Reza-Fernandez - School Administrative Assistant, Harbor City Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial

Gabriela Martinez – Office Technician, Carlos Santana Arts Academy – Clerical

Kristine Nasta - Special Education Assistant, Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies – Paraprofessional

Cesar Solis – Special Education Assistant, Leichman High School Special Education Center - Paraprofessional



Everyday Heroes: May - August 2013 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Magda Bersley – Senior Food Service Worker, Narbonne High School - Nutrition/Food Services

Linda Davis - School Administrative Assistant, Gardena High School - Supervisory/Managerial

Samuel Gonzalez – Administrative Analyst, Benefits Administration - Technical/Professional

Joe Nino - Plant Manager I, ESC East - Supervisory/Managerial

Silvia Perez – Special Education Assistant, John Marshall High School – Paraprofessional

Tanesha Blair – Senior Office Technician, Compliance, Support, and Monitoring; Special Ed. Division - Clerical



Everyday Heroes: January - April 2013 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Rebecca Armenta - Special Education Trainee, Leichman Special Education Center - Paraprofessional

Philip Chang-Chien - Web Architect, ITD Enterprise Applications - Technical/Professional

Alphonse Duncan - Building & Grounds Worker, Westminster Avenue - Facilities

Linda Georgia - Food Service Worker, Leapwood Elementary School - Nutrition/Food Services

Sandra Jones-Seck - Senior Office Technician, Mental Health Services - Clerical

Eduardo Ulloa - Plant Manager III, Roybal Learning Center - Supervisory/Managerial



Everyday Heroes: May - December 2012 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Ana Cartagena - Special Education Assistant, Harbor City Elementary School - Paraprofessional

Marcella Hauffen - Senior Classified Training Representative, Workforce Management Classified Training - Technical/Professional

Thomas Keefe - Facilities Project Manager II, M&O/Facilities - Supervisory/Managerial

Guadalupe Martinez - Office Technician, Langdon Avenue Elementary School - Clerical

Daniel Munoz - School Administrative Assistant, Linda Marquez High School - Supervisory/Managerial

Arlene Munson - Office Technician, Kentwood Elementary School - Clerical

Monique Saldate - Transportation Router, Transportation Services Division - CRC - Transportation



Everyday Heroes: January  - April 2012 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Mona Spicer - Office Technician, Westport Heights Elementary - Clerical

Monique Haley-Ware - Special Education Assistant, Miller Career and Transition Center - Paraprofessional

Elisa Gonzalez - School Administrative Assistant, Shenandoah Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial

Diane Caperon (Exemplary LAUSD Classified Employee of the Year May 2013) - School Administrative Assistant, Lizarraga Elementary School – Supervisory/Managerial

Hector Arteaga - Info. Systems Support Assistant, Federal and State Education Programs – Technical/Professional



Everyday Heroes: September - December 2011 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Edward Goldbeck - Special Education Assistant, Columbus Middle School – Paraprofessional

Isabel Herrera - Selection Technician, Talent Acquisition and Selection, Personnel Commission - Clerical

Maria Elena Santos - Building and Grounds Worker, Ranchito Elementary School – Facilities

Ray White - Heavy Bus Driver, Transportation Services – Transportation

Martha Morinaka - Senior Classified Training Representative, Workforce Management Classified Training, Personnel Commission – Technical/Professional

Esther Guerra - Satellite Food Service Manager, Micheltorena Elementary School - Supervisory/Managerial



Everyday Heroes: May - August 2011 Outstanding Classified Employee Recipients

Rosalba Romero - Campus Aide, Belmont High School – Paraprofessional

Vicky Maria De Leon - Office Technician, Grant Elementary School - Clerical

Oscar Gomez - Painter, M&O Area S-1 – Facilities

Stephanie Dominguez - Light Bus Driver, Transportation Services – Transportation

Maria Ontiveros - Senior Food Services Worker, Belmont High School – Nutrition

Gary Nakano - Financial Analyst, Adult & Career Education – Technical/Professional

Gregory Lewis - Plumbing Technical Supervisor, M&O C-3 - Supervisory/Managerial