Welcome to the Everyday Heroes’ Resource page!  Here, you will find information about employee recognition and the impact it can have on an individual, an organization, and the participants involved.  

Employee recognition not only acknowledges an employee for his or her achievements, but it also promotes employee motivation, job satisfaction, employee self-esteem and other positive outcomes. 

Whether you are an LAUSD employee, parent or vendor, the resources below will help you to better understand the importance of employee recognition and the ideal approach for how to implement it. As always, the Organizational Excellence Classified Training Branch strives to support classified employees in improving student achievement.  Be a part of that mission!


Employee Recognition Resource Links:

LAUSD Just-in-Time Recognition Resources

Five Tips for Effective Employee Recognition (About.com Human Resources)

The Power of Positive Recognition (About.com Human Resources)

Employee Recognition Basics (APA Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program)


Benefits for the Organization:

Employee Recognition Impacts Business Results (Human Resource Toolbox) 

Why Employee Recognition is so Important  (Cutting Edge PR)

Using Metrics to Prove the ROI of Employee Recognition Programs (Forbes)

Additional Information:

Classified School Employee of the Year (California Department of Education)