Please follow the tips and suggestions below to assist you in recognizing a worthy classified employee for the Everyday Heroes Recognition Program.




• Complete all the information in the recognition form (or as much as you know)
• Be specific and detailed in the recognition information section
• Site specific examples to explain why you are recognizing the employee and what they did that is worthy of recognition
• Give a specific example
• Check spelling and grammar by copying recognition information into Word before submitting the form


• Use acronyms
• Assume other departments/schools know what you are talking about if it is specific to your line of work
• Assume a recognition can only be completed by a supervisor -  it can come from a colleague, parent, vendor, etc.



• An employee comes up with a way to improve a process that results in a positive and efficient end result.
• An employee reaches out to include others and fosters an extraordinary sense of teamwork  during the development of a new program.
• An employee provides outstanding service to a parent that results in a dramatic improvement of the parent’s perception of his/her school.
• An employee personally relates to a student which results in that student attending school more regularly.
• An employee trains a colleague in a system/procedure that improves the school’s/office’s overall level of proficiency.


EXAMPLES OF GREAT RECOGNITIONS (with names changed to protect confidentiality)


• As a new principal and single administrator at a new high school, Ms. Judy Martinez has been my full support for two years.  I have had five SAAs and at least that many substitutes in less than two years due to constant displacements and RIFs.  She has given up several promotions to stay with our school during its first two years.  She has learned every aspect of operating a school office. She takes care of payroll, registration and enrollment, transcripts and records, communications to staff and families, school council meetings, magnet recruitment, school events and takes the initiative on anything she believes is needed to implement more efficient school systems.  She has trained student service workers & an example for them in professional dress, courtesy, and poise.  She is well loved by all students because of her kindness and patience.  She has helped students with less financial resources to find ways to afford student events and she has been generous in donating to the school for various celebrations and school events. 
In 31 years as an educator, I have never seen a classified employee as dedicated or as professional as Ms. Judy Martinez.


• I am nominating Deserie Hernandez because she is a prime example of what a leader consists of.  Her pleasantry with students, staff and others reflects the entire school.  Parents and students alike love to poke their heads in the door of the main office just to see her smile.  Her warmth is healing and soothing.  Something that so many take for granted.  Her dedication to the school is exceptional.    When someone is in need they go to her with confidence that the task will be carried out.  Staff relies on her to assist in their daily routine, and on the rare occasion that she is out she is sorely missed.  The school is just not the same in her absence.  I believe that she is the model employee of what an LAUSD employee should be. Trustworthy, dedicated, smart, professional and pleasant.


• Mr. James Henson is one of best "all around electricians".  You can give this person ANY type of electrical job/problem and he will figure it out.  He know our fire alarm systems, master/clock/bell system, equipment repair, construction, intercom systems, and all other electrical repairs.  He is another person who will respond to any emergency at the "drop of the hat" for LAUSD.  He was instrumental at the basement floods at three schools.  He is the only electrician that can work/repair any marquee.
He will not "dilly dally" on any job.  He gets in, performs the repairs and gets out to the next job.  He is one of the great/shining employees that the LAUSD M&O has in our Area.  We cannot replace such a valuable employee.


• Sanjay Ibarra successfully headed development of an online training module under grueling and time-sensitive circumstances, with unfailing good humor, patience and a can-do attitude. The training was critical to the success of data backup system and he brought excellent quality products, on time. Sanjay was highly customer-service oriented, professional, creative, flexible, and was willing to bend over backwards to accommodate the data backup project as it struggled towards completion. I am very happy to be working with him again for next backup project  because I trust him without reservation to produce the highest quality products, and because I enjoy his professionalism and upbeat attitude.


• Mr.  Darnell White is nearly as actively involved as any concerned parent would be about the academic and general welfare of our students.  He would meet with me 1-2x per week discussing the students he works with and what they need to pass a class or graduate from H.S.  He strives to assist students in making wise choices for school and their futures.  An asset to any school, his involvement in helping students remain accountable is appreciated.