Frequently Asked Questions

As a supervisor, how can I have customer service training made available to my team?

- Divisions/schools may request training from the Organizational Excellence Branch as long as there are at least 30 participants.  Trainings will be scheduled based on trainer availability.

- If supervisors wish to have their staff members attend a general session (open to all classified employees) please have employees sign up to be notified about future general offerings through MyPLN (

What will my staff members learn?

Depending on which training your staff members attend, they will learn different skills related to delivering in-person customer service, telephone courtesy, or email etiquette.  All trainings cover the following key areas that are critical to delivering exceptional customer service.

Key Highlights:

- Understanding the value of providing excellent customer service (for our customers, for oursevles, for our office/school, and for the District)

- Understanding who our customers are and what they expect

- Responding effectively to a customer who is upset

What workshops and resources are available to my staff?

1. Customer Service Essentials (in-person, telephone, and email etiquette) - The Overview Workshop!

2. Professional Telephone Courtesy - Drill Down on Telephone Etiquette

3. Rising to the Challenge of Providing Excellent Face-to-Face Customer Service

4. Webinar - Email Do's and Don'ts in Business

Organizational Excellence Classified Training Opportunities

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