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REF-6554.2 - 2017-2018 Opening Day Procedures - August 11, 2017

BUL-4926.2 - Attendance Manual: Policy  and Procedures  for  Elementary, Secondary and Option Schools - March 1st, 2013.pdf

ATTENDANCE MANUAL - Policy and Procedures for Elementary, Secondary, and Option Schools - Version 3.0 - March 2013.pdf

Title VII American Indian / Alaskan Native Student Eligibility Certification Form 506 - Expires 5-3-16 - MEM-5282.5.pdf

MEM-6860 - Chronological Age Calculator 2017-2018

BUL-1570.2 - Enrollment Support of Homeless Children Youth In Schools - June 17, 2013.pdf

REF-5777.5 Transitional Kindergarten Implementation July 12, 2016

REF-6595.1 Expanded Transitional Kindergarten Implementation April 12, 2016 

MEM-6557.0 - 2015-2016 Migrant Education Program for Elementary and Secondary Schools August 24, 2015.pdf

BUL-5703.2 Name and/or Gender of Pupils for Purposes of School Records - July 17, 2014.pdf

BUL-2514.1 Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program and Blood Lead Testing - Revised January 22, 2013.pdf

BUL-3585.6-Oral Health Assessment for Kindergarten or First Grade - August 1, 2016

BUL-1660.8 - Immunization Guidelines for School Admission - January 11, 2016.pdf

BUL-5347.1 - Intra-District (School to School) Permits, Student Transfers in Elementary & Secondary Schools - June 10, 2013.pdf

BUL-6303 - Student Emergency Information Form - June 16, 2014.pdf

BUL-5509.1. Restitution Procedures for the Loss or Damage of School Property for Students - November 26, 2014 (Attachment A - Financial Responsibility for Damaged School Property Letter).pdf

MEM-5718 -  Updated Policy Regarding Tuberculosis (TB) Testing for School Entry

REF-5259.0 Use of New Student Enrollment Form

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