The Personnel Commission of the Los Angeles Unified School District is prepared to assist you with career resources such as job search resources, training opportunities, unemployment resources, benefits and retirement options through this Outplacement Website. 

Please note:  If you are being assigned to a school site for the first time, more information regarding training to support your transition to a school site will be forthcoming.

You may contact the Personnel Commission's Organizational Excellence Branch at (213) 241-3440, or visit the website at


Benefits and Retirement Options

The Personnel Commission’s Organizational Excellence Classified Training Branch Retirement Resources

For more information regarding your retirement, please click on the links below:
PERS  - California Public Employees' Retirement System      
CalPERS - Disability Retirement
PARS / ARS- Public Agency Retirement Services / Alternate Retirement System - for Part-time, Seasonal and Temporary Employees

Click here for a list of upcoming Retirement Training workshops provided by the Organizational Excellence Classified Training Branch


CalPERS Retirement Options
for Displaced Employees



The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA), is a Federal law that requires employers to offer you and your dependents the opportunity to temporarily continue your medical, dental, vision, and/or Health Care FSA coverage at your own expense after your District-sponsored coverage ends.

Please click here for more information on electing COBRA




213-241-4262 (Phone)
213-241-4247 (Fax) (Email) 

Job Search

WorkSource Centers 
The Economic Workforce Development Department currently operates 16 WorkSource Centers and 3 portal offices located throughout Los Angeles. These centers act as your personal employment agency and our services are always free. 

How to Search for Jobs

How to find a new job using LinkedIn

Job Hunting Tips

Top Job Search Tips

Highlighting Transferable Skills


LAUSD Job Boards

  • The Personnel Commission’s Talent Acquisition and Selection Branch for Classified Jobs
  • Los Angeles Unified School District Certificated Human Resources Division


External Job Boards and Job Search Sites

Other Resources


The Los Angeles Public Library offers a guide for job-seekers with more than 200 employment-related websites and  resources, offers referrals to assistance available in-person and by telephone, and highlights selected online and print resources available from the library. The guide is designed for first-time job seekers, the unemployed, job seekers making career transitions, and employers with job opportunities.

Click here to access the Los Angeles Public Library

Unemployment Resources


Unemployment Insurance

Most District employees are covered by State Unemployment Insurance. Contributions for this coverage are made by the District for each employee, based on a percentage of wages.   

Claims and inquiries regarding State Unemployment Insurance benefits must be made by the employee directly to the Employment Development Department (EDD) via the web at



Because the employees of the Los Angeles Unified School District are its most valuable resource, great care is taken in selecting and retaining them.  Even so, there are times when layoffs or changes of assignment are unavoidable.   We have learned that at such times there are a number of questions that are asked by those who may be affected.
Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning layoff and reemployment: FAQ



Helpful Articles

Please click on the links below to access helpful articles and resources: