New Employee Resources

Welcome to the Los Angeles Unified School District!

Congratulations on making LAUSD your employer of choice! This resource provides essential information necessary for new employees getting acclimated to the District as well as information about the endless benefits offered to employees. In our New Employee Orientation workshop, the Organizational Excellence Classified Training Team partners with various other departments to offer a comprehensive orientation program for new employees. We suggest all new employees participate in this workshop.

New Employee Resources

Learn more about the LAUSD organization, employee responsibilities, and the remarkable benefits available to employees.

Attendance Policy Become familiar with the LAUSD attendance policy.
Board of Education Learn more about the Board, board rules, and the policy making process at LAUSD.
Job Opportunities Discover new career opportunities or your next promotion.
Deductions The Payroll Concepts Manual is a compilation of payroll information, documents, forms, sections of personnel policies and collective bargaining unit agreements.
District Facts & Statistics Find out important facts and statistical data about LAUSD.
eLibrary All District policies, forms, and memorandums are stored in the LAUSD eLibrary.
Benefits Administration Benefits are not automatic. You must enroll. Find out about your available benefits.
Ethics Office Understand that accountability requires that all our employees work within the legal rules and ethical responsibilities that govern LAUSD.
Employee Recreation Purchase discounted tickets to movies, amusement parks, events, and more.
Information Technology Learn about important information technology resources for staff.
MyPLN My Professional Learning Network (MyPLN) is LAUSD's learning management system, which enables employees to sign-up for training.
Performance Evaluations Discover the online system that stores your immediate supervisor's written evaluation of your work performance.
Personnel Commission Rules & Laws Understand the Personnel Commission's rules and laws, which govern the code of conduct for classified employees.
Probationary Period Learn more about the probationary period of recently hired or promoted employees.
Retirement FAQ Discover everything you need to know about retirement.
Retirement: Deferred Compensation Plans Login to the Retirement Management System to manage your tax-sheltered retirement accounts.
CalPERS Understand more about the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).
Safety Training Visit the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) to learn more about occupational and environmental health and safety.
Salary Schedule View the salary schedule for your position.

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